Our team
At CTG we believe that choosing the right tutor for your child is paramount. A tutor with high-level teaching skills acquired through professional training can forge with you a strong educational partnership and transform your child's journey. We are committed to arranging top class tuition for your child that is delivered by the real expert - teachers.

CTG introduces skilled teachers and professional tutors who derive from leading Universities and top Teacher Training Institutions in the UK, who have garnered expert pedagogical skills by teaching in State and Independent Schools. Their excellent teaching expertise will increase your child's confidence, enhance their subject knowledge and raise their grades. CTG strives to ensure your child receives the best tuition!

Capital Tuition Group was founded in September 2015 by Matthew Curnier BSc (Hons), MSc, PGCE (King's College, London), a Specialist Teacher of Science and SLE (Specialist Leader in Education) with the Bourne Trust.
Why choose Capital Tuition Group?
CTG provides a high level of personalisation. The proficiency of the tutors enables
them to quickly establish your child's optimum learning style and will employ
teaching techniques that compliment that learning style.
CTG has a select team of independent tutors to call upon, whose skills and
experience are the result of successful teaching careers.
CTG teachers and tutors, many of whom are official examiners for their exam boards, provide crucial techniques to raise your child's exam performance
Our Mission
Our mission is to enhance your child's academic achievements in their chosen
subjects and help them attain their academic potential.
Get in touch today to help your child enhance subject proficiency and raise grades.
Capital Tuition GroupTeam
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Matthew Curnier
Director and Founder
Matthew is a Specialist Teacher of Science and was a Head of Year and SLE (Specialist Leader in Education) with the Bourne Trust. He has taught and tutored for over 10 years.
Noor Valimohamed
Client Manager
Noor is a Professional Tutor of Mathematics with 6 years of experience. As senior client manager, Noor is extremely proficient with listening to the client's needs and matching them up to a compatible tutor.
Sonia Ahmed
Education Consultant
Sonia is both a Lead Practitioner and Director of Learning. She is an Education Specialist having qualified with a Master's degree in Education from King's College, London.