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Careers Guidance
for 18-25 year olds
Get coaching from our Careers Advisor to help you plan your next steps
No idea what the future holds?
Are you struggling to find your ideal career direction? Do you know what you want to do but can't work out how to make it happen? Are you having problems with choosing between higher education options?
Our Careers Advisor specialises in helping students work out what they want to do with their career and how to navigate and succeed in the ever challenging graduate job market.
Our Careers Advisor offers:
'Career Discovery' programme
Higher Education Advice
Personalised programmes
Professional Network
Job-Seeking & Interview Coaching
Motivation & Confidence
Internship and Work Experience assistance
"Prior to my coaching sessions with Ian, I had nearly given up my job search as the job market was so tough due to Covid-19. When I started my sessions, he gave me hope again and helped me think outside the box to reinvigorate my search. I would highly recommend Ian as his advice was invaluable".
Celine, Business and HR Management, Manchester University
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