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Is your child confused by coding? Struggling with computational thinking and knowing how to solve a problem using code? At a loss with algorithms? Panicking about iteration? Or are they simply wanting to go the extra mile, perfect their skills to get the highest grade?
With Capital Tuition Group, we will find a tutor without spending countless hours researching the perfect fit!
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All of our Computer Science tutors have:
Excellent subject knowledge across a range of exam boards
Relevant degrees and teaching qualifications
DBS and full professional checks
Are Specialist Teachers of Computer Science and/or full-time Professional Tutors
Our tutors have been thoroughly vetted and interviewed in person
Provide a personalised and flexible teaching approach to maximise your child's learning
Strive to boost your child's performance
Provide a written report at the end of each session
Sam was amazing, I got my GCSE Computer Science result back and I got a 9, which is totally great! Thank you so much Sam!!! I can't believe we covered the entire course in just under 6 months!
Student, St John's Wood
[Our tutor] is a kind and wonderful person who we are lucky to have had. He always gave very constructive and positive feedback. My son really enjoyed his teaching methods and wishes that he could come and teach at his school!
Eliza, Finchley
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