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Does your child feel like there is simply too much information to learn? Are they struggling to remember all the different processes and labels? And are they wondering which experiment they need to remember in detail? Or are you simply looking to refine your child's exam technique to get top marks?
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Provide a personalised and flexible teaching approach to maximise your child's learning
Strive to boost your child's performance
Provide a written report at the end of each session
One of the best tutors my daughter has ever met. Franklin is a great teacher because he is able to understand the needs and ability of his student and then adapt his teaching to get out the best of the student. On top of this I can say that he has a deep knowledge of his subjects I would sincerely recommend him.
Bea, Clapham
Ruselle provided EXCELLENT tutoring to my daughter for all 3 GCSE sciences. She found Ruselle to be approachable and knowledgeable and this enabled her to ask questions when she didn't understand and to gain much more confidence going into her exams. A huge thank you!

Jo, Finchley
Matthew is a great, enthusiastic tutor and my daughter really "gets it" with him. She was so delighted after her first session as she said she finally understood what Respiration was all about!
Thanks Matthew!
Tina, Putney
Diligent, calm, kind and encouraging Paul helped our son through his Biology GCSE every step of the way. And what a result! Thank goodness you were with us!

James, Fulham
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