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Starting Year 11
GCSE Summer

Want to get a head start on your Year 11 GCSE Maths & Science, and relieve that Back To School anxiety?

Our Maths & Science Kickstarter gets you ready to head back to school feeling relaxed and confident.
29th - 30th August 2022
(Scroll down for specific times for each subject)
2x half days per subject
Online, in the comfort of your own home!
£135 total per subject per student place
(equates to £22.50 per hour)
How Much?
Capital Tuition Group is delivering two online Starting Year 11 GCSE Maths & Science Kickstarter days! These sessions will cover the key points of GCSE Maths & Science to give your child a head start for entering the final year of their GCSEs.

Through each day your child will:

● Work with a Specialist Tutor who is also a fully-qualified teacher

● Join a group of approximately 6 like-minded students in the same year group

● Use specific learning strategies to use their time efficiently

● Understand how to answer exam-style questions to perfect their exam technique

● Learn the skills needed to access the higher grade boundaries

● Have a Q&A session where they get a chance to ask questions on any other part of the curriculum
Monday & Tuesday
2x half days per subject between Monday 29th - Tuesday 30th August 2022

Monday 29th Aug: GCSE Science Part 1 ~
9am-12:30pm (incl. break)

Monday 29th Aug: GCSE Maths Part 1 ~
1:30pm-5pm (incl. break)

Tuesday 30th Aug: GCSE Science Part 2 ~
9am-12:30pm (incl. break)

Tuesday 30th Aug: GCSE Maths Part 2 ~
1:30pm-5pm (incl. break)
Online, in the comfort of your own home using our fully interactive online teaching software and with our specialist tutor fully present over video chat.
How Much?
Approx £22.50 per hour, per student.

A total of £135 per student, per subject, for x2 half days of intensive tuition.
What do other GCSE students say?
"My tutor made all of the content easy to understand and covered all the topics I asked for. The classes were designed in an excellent format and really well presented!"

Calvin, Year 11

"I learned a lot of helpful information which I don't get from school, and I really liked how they explained stuff simply and quickly. Everything was taught in an easy and understandable way which helped me a lot, and the teachers were really kind to us."

Gianmario, Year 11