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Starting Year 11
GCSE Summer

Want to get a head start on your Year 11 GCSE Maths & Science, and relieve that Back To School anxiety?

Our Maths & Science Kickstarter gets you ready to head back to school feeling relaxed and confident.
29th - 30th August 2022
(Scroll down for specific times for each subject)
2x half days per subject
Online, in the comfort of your own home!
£135 total per subject per student place
(equates to £22.50 per hour)
Capital Tuition Group is delivering two online Starting Year 11 GCSE Maths & Science Kickstarter days! These sessions will cover the key points of GCSE Maths & Science to give your child a head start for entering the final year of their GCSEs.

Through each day your child will:

● Work with a Specialist Tutor who is also a fully-qualified teacher

● Join a group of approximately 6 like-minded students in the same year group

● Use specific learning strategies to use their time efficiently

● Understand how to answer exam-style questions to perfect their exam technique

● Learn the skills needed to access the higher grade boundaries

● Have a Q&A session where they get a chance to ask questions on any other part of the curriculum