Summer tuition: how can it help my family?

The summer holidays are an important time for your child to relax, socialise, and get active, however the events of 2020 have greatly affected our children's education and how they are able to spend their summer.

At Capital Tuition Group we know that incorporating fun and relaxed tuition into your child's summer routine can be beneficial in so many ways!

1. Prevents academic decline
During the school term your child's ability to learn is peaking and their lessons are fresh in their memory. By exercising their 'learning muscles' they can maintain their academic skills which makes the transition back into school in September much easier for them. Research by Cambridge University shows that children can lose up to 30% of their academic skills over the summer holidays with a fifth of students feeling less motivated to study by September. Approximately 75% of parents notice this slump. 
Your child's academic decline can also have lasting effects throughout the next academic year, and teachers often find that they have to spend time reteaching material to get their students back up to speed, rather than moving on to new topics. 
However, 2-3 hours of studying a week has been proven to combat a child's academic decline significantly, and plays a huge part in increasing your child's confidence. 

2. Increases confidence. 
This point seems simple enough; a confident student is a happy student! A good tutor knows that fear is often a big part of a child's problem with a particular subject. Our tutors are committed to making learning fun and engaging so that our students feel relaxed when learning, and become more open to difficult subjects as a result. By praising our students for their achievements in an uncompetitive setting, we can boost their confidence and self-esteem far more than in a traditional classroom. 
Your child is aware that a new academic year means a tougher year of learning, but if they start that year feeling at ease with the previous year's work or with a head start on next year's work, they can begin their studies with far more confidence and far less stress. 

3. Helps your family's schedule.
Summer holidays can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a lot of work. Entertaining the kids all summer while juggling work and other commitments, often leaves parents with no free time and bored children. By adding a bit of structure to your child's week with tutoring, you can free up a valuable few hours for yourself in the knowledge that your child is occupied and mentally stimulated. 

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