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Latest news on A Levels & GCSEs in 2022

What's the plan for A Level & GCSE Exams in 2022? 

  • This information is subject to change, and was accurate as of 14/12/21. 

It's another year of uncertainty regarding exams, but the good news is we're seeing signs of a return to normality! We've summed up the current advice into a short, handy blog for you. 

The government wants to make it really clear that students entering GCSEs, AS or A levels in 2022, should expect to take exams in the summer and complete any non-exam assessments in the usual way throughout the year. This is their plan A, and so far we haven't heard anything that suggests that this will change. Sitting formal exams may seem nerve-wracking to many students, especially after experiencing disruptions to their learning, so it is important to note that they will be given extra help! 

  • Students taking GCSEs in English Literature, History, Ancient History and Geography will not need to cover all the usual range of content in the exams. 
  • Students taking GCSEs and A Levels in all other subjects will be given advance information about the focus of the content of the exams.
  • Students taking GCSE Mathematics, Physics and Combined Science will be given copies of formulae that they can refer to during the exam. In previous years they would have had to memorise these.

Dates to remember?

The advance information for GCSE and AS and A levels will be published no later than 7th February 2022. The Government have said that the information may be released earlier if changes need to be made in response to the pandemic. Keep an ear out for this as it will allow your child to revise content that is more likely to be in their exams. 

If your child is taking a Project Qualification in Summer 2022, they are expected to be assessed in the normal way so they shouldn't need to worry about any changes. 

What happens if exams are cancelled?

If exams have to be cancelled in summer 2022, the Government will move on to their contingency plan. In this case, students’ grades will  be determined by their teachers, using a Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) approach similar to the one that was used in summer 2021. TAGs are based on teachers’ assessment of their students’ work and grades can be determined from evidence collected from mini assessments which are similar to full or parts of the exam papers that they would be preparing to take in the Summer. 

If you want to read the Government's current advice in full, head over to:

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