Mock Exams 2020/21: More Important Than Ever

Over this past year, the pandemic disrupted academic life so much that exams couldn't take place. Results had to rely on students' overall performance, mock exams and their teachers' predicted grades. Many students felt cheated by the system and universities struggled to accommodate applicants. 

Now that the new academic year has started, schools are more prepared to manage online classes and calculate potential grades if the UK needs to go into Lockdown again. It's reassuring that schools are trying to plan ahead as much as possible, but this does mean that your children will need to approach the academic year differently. 

Firstly, students need to be aware that their performance in class may account for more of their grade than they would expect. Teachers are aware that if predicted grades are going to be used again to allocate final grades at the end of the year, their students will need to do well consistently in class and with their homework so that they can provide evidence to support a good final grade.  

Secondly, mock exams may be more important than ever. Usually mock exams are a good trial run which allow students to see where they need to improve ahead of their final exams. Often there isn't much pressure attached to them and some students don't feel that they need to take revision too seriously at this point. This year, depending on government guidelines and if another lockdown is announced, mock exams could be the only exams that students end up taking. If this is the case, revision and exam prep may need to start earlier than expected so that students can do as well as they can in their mocks. 

We advise that students try to approach this year as if every assignment and assessment counts. Of course this can add pressure to an already uncertain year, so it's important that children and families find a balance when approaching schoolwork so that we can minimise that pressure.

If your child would like to have some extra academic support from a qualified teacher, chat to us at Capital Tuition Group and we can discuss whether one-on-one or group tuition is the most rewarding fit for your child.