Social Distancing at School: What would it look like?

The government and Teachers' Unions are discussing the possibility of a phased return to school for children in the UK. Alongside a phased return to classes, social distancing measures may also be put in place from September 2020 (according to information given in early May 2020), but how would it work?

So far, the government and unions have suggested the following: 
  1. Limits could be put on class sizes.
  2. A few year groups or pupils could take turns between studying at school and at home.
  3. Some children could work one week and others the next. 
  4. Some pupils could work in the morning, others in the afternoons. 
  5. Classrooms could be redesigned to ensure social distancing. 
  6. Pupils could take their breaks at different times. 

Teachers admit that many aspects of social distancing in schools need to be discussed thoroughly, for example how to handle disruptive children and how to prevent children touching communal surfaces. 

Children up to the age of 11 in Denmark have already started to return to school and have been handling this through regular hand-washing and staying apart. In Germany, schools are doing the same and have separated desks to aid social distancing for students. Children are also gradually returning to class according to their age groups. In France, children will return on the 11th of May 2020, and students in the Netherlands will return on the 1st of June. 

Discussions about keeping students safe at school is still on-going in the UK, and a timeframe for getting full classes started again is undecided, however by looking at the progress made in other countries our government and teaching unions are trying to put together the safest plan possible for getting kids back into the classroom. 

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