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Summer Art Classes 2022
Looking for a fun and relaxing activity this Summer? Want to get messy and creative, or learn how to express yourself through art?

Join our Artist Mariam at her classes in Kingston, London!

Classes available for ages 7-11 and 12-15.
Monday - Wednesday,
22nd - 24th August 2022
3x half days per course
Kingston Hill Place, Kingston Upon Thames, London, KT2 7QY.
£180 total per student.
(Equates to £20 per hour).
*inclusive of materials.
How Much?
Meet Mariam
Self expression through art improves concentration, emotional literacy and boosts confidence while reducing stress and anxiety throughout all age groups.

Mariam's Summer classes are designed to give your child these benefits, whilst engaging them in a fun, creative environment where they can try new artistic techniques.

Students can try everything from acrylics, oil, watercolour, ink, gouache, oil pastel, clay and wire.

It's a fantastic way to get messy, creative and unwind all at the same time!
Monday - Wednesday: 22nd - 24th August 2022

Ages 7-11: 9:30am - 12:30pm (break included)
Ages 12-15: 1:30pm - 4:30pm (break included)
Classes are held at Mariam's studio in Kingston, London.

Kingston Hill Place, Kingston Upon Thames, London, KT2 7QY *

*Full address will be confirmed on booking.
How Much?
A total of £180* per student per each 3 day course.

Equates to £20 per hour, per student.

*incl. cost of materials.
Mariam and her Art
"I find Art incredibly rewarding and I'm always intrigued with children who engage so effortlessly and naturally with images and colour. It teaches me to do the same; we as adults often think too much about being perfectionists!

I have a background as a Behavioural Specialist in an alternative primary care unit, working specifically in art with SEN children, and work with students of all ages and abilities.

My artwork has always circulated around healing through expression whether it be through pottery, sculpting, painting, drawing or design. I believe we as humans are made to create, there are endless amounts of ways to communicate our humanity and experiences.

The Summer Art Classes provide students with a space for self expression, exploration of various kinds of art techniques and materials.

I have a strong background in Design and Art that varies in mixed media so my teaching techniques allow children and adults to explore and exceed their expectations when it comes to expressing themselves through Art.

I encourage the individual to challenge themselves with the materials we have around us. We have the ability to create anywhere!"