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A Level Biology Saturday Series!
We're offering online A Level Biology Tuition with our Qualified Teachers covering the trickiest parts of the exam in our online series.

5th March 2022 - 14 May 2022
(excluding the 16th of April for Easter Break)
1hr + 15mins Q&A
10:30am - 11:45am
Online, in the comfort of your own home!

£16 per student per session. £160* total.
*incl. VAT.
Oliver is a fabulous teacher who has a passionate and highly engaging approach to tutoring. He has been teaching for 27 years and also been an Examiner for both the Edexcel and OCR exam boards, marking hundreds of A level Biology papers! His vast teaching and marking experience have given him the opportunity to prepare a large number of learners for their G.C.S.E Science and A level Biology examinations and he has consistently guided the vast majority of them to be extremely successful. We are so excited for him to be leading this Revision Course!
How Much?
We are running a 10-week online Revision Course to help your Biology A-level students boost their grades!

What Are We Offering:

10 x 1-hour revision sessions delivered by one of our qualified teachers.

A 15 minute Q&A at the end of each session.

Our tutor will provide additional support and resources for students beyond the weekly lessons.

An email support line for questions on the course content.

Learn the skills needed to be successful leading up to the exam.

Exemplar A* answers for you to review.

You will also receive guidance on where to find appropriate resources to help you with your learning process.

This course will be covering topics including:

Biological molecules (monomers and polymers; carbohydrates; lipids; proteins - including enzyme action).

Nucleic acids (Structure; DNA replication; Transcription; Translation).

Cell structure and function of specific organelles.

Mitosis and meiosis.

Transport across membranes (diffusion; osmosis; active transport; co-transport; surface area: volume).

Mass transport in plants and animals (Circulatory system; Xylem; Phloem).

Biochemistry of photosynthesis (light dependent and light independent reactions).

Biochemistry of respiration (Glycolysis; Krebs cycle; Electron transport chain; Aerobic vs anaerobic respiration).

Nervous communication (Transmission of electrical impulse along a neurone; synapses; Factors that affect speed of conduction).

Homeostasis (Controlling blood glucose concentration; blood water potential).

5th March 2022 - 14th May 2022

(Excluding the 16th of April for Easter Break)

10:30am - 11:45am

Online, in the comfort of your own home using our online teaching software and with our specialist tutor fully present over video chat.
How Much?
£16 per student per session.
10 x sessions.
£160* total.
*incl. VAT.
What do other clients say?
"Absolutely delighted with the tuition from CTG. My son has just passed and that's all down to the rapport and teaching strategies used by his tutor during the revision course to keep him engaged and learning. Clear communication, real meaningful contact from an actual, caring human - even online! We've been so impressed we have asked CTG if it was possible to do additional one-to-one Biology tuition to help prepare our son for his A-level exams!"

Kate, Parent

"Capital Tuition Group was excellent for tuition. I was apprehensive about using someone I had not met or knew nothing about but needn't have been at all. Our tutor put my daughter at ease straightaway and the online sessions were well organised and worked well. She passed with flying colours!"

Catherine, Parent